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Tuesday, September 14th, 2010 09:48 pm
Much to my eternal disappointment, I was booted from Syntax for the sin of not being a linguistics major or minor; being myself and not someone with, say, a spine or a tendency to expend effort in arguing with bureaucracy, I let it go. I'll see if I can't get into one of the mid level classes next semester, but I intend to find a copy of the textbook on the cheap and do my best to follow the syllabus anyway.

So! Only four classes for me this semester: my study-hall-equivalent required survey course, my Arabic and Persian classes, and Framing Islam in the Media, which is going to be like delicious candy in critical thinking form.

I've been studying Russian again in my spare time, as well (spare time being defined as "time in which I ought to be doing other work"). This is in part because I'm still working through Mayakovsky- I'm stalled about fifty pages from finishing, because the problem with many biographies is that you know how they're going to end. And this one is going to end with Mayakovsky putting a bullet in his brain at the age of thirty six. *sigh* I've also been listening to FYE's cover of "Love is War" on repeat quite a bit and I recognize just enough words to get frustrated about not understanding more of it.

I made a very silly pair of earrings the other day- I think they're called "The Salmon Hungers." I still have too many beads shaped like tiny fish and bears, though; perhaps I will make a matching bracelet- but perhaps that would be too silly. Perhaps not.
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Thursday, September 9th, 2010 12:44 am
In the interest of not losing the ability to count the number of times I have been literally blinded by rage on one hand, I am going to swear off watching televised news programs, lets give it until the end of the year, I think. Not that I watch the news terribly often anyway; when I need to partake of mainstream media news sources, I go to, and even that doesn't happen with great frequency.

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Thursday, September 2nd, 2010 03:08 pm
Good lord, but I hate survey classes. "Let's cram the whole history of the Middle East into a single semester! You'll totally get something useful out of this." Tomorrow I get to see if I can sneak into Syntax; if not, I'll be taking Islam in the Media, and fuck having an elective this semester. *le sigh*

Arabic was better today; I'm sitting in one of the lounges, eating lunch, before Persian in ten minutes. The building I'm in was built in the 60s, back when there were race riots happening all over this area. What was originally an architectural attempt at building a riot-proof building (each wing has only a certain number of entrances, so that sections could be sealed off- and most sections don't connect to one another internally) has now become an experiment in psychological torture for the students trying to find their classrooms.

A portion of the psychology department is supposedly located somewhere in here- not the whole department, just a part of it. Somewhere. I'm pretty sure they just got lost when the rest of the department moved to a different campus. And my department is somewhere in this building- I've been to the offices before, I know I have. But if you asked me how to get there from where I am now, I could not tell you.
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Friday, August 20th, 2010 07:24 pm
Hey, remember when I used to post here? ...or anywhere that wasn't Twitter? ...yeah. M-me neither.

I'm probably going to offer a pair or two of earrings for auction on [ profile] help_pakistan eventually, once I dig out a camera to photograph some of my newer stuff. I finally bought some silver wire, and it's been a bit nerve wracking to work with (expensive!) but good; it's very very different from the copper and bronze I've been using, and I like that. I also have some antiqued, dead soft bronze to play with. It'll be fun for more steampunky stuff, but I'm still fond of the color of my full hard industrial bronze, and I like the way it looks as it develops a natural tarnish.

I have a bag full of polymer clay that I still need to do something with; it's also nearly crocheting season again, and I've afghans to finish. I am not going to start putting together bootleg silkscreen apparatuses, no matter how much I want an AssCreed t-shirt. I'd never wear it, and I'd inevitably make a mess with the paint.

Been watching True Blood, and I'll probably have some thoughts to put together about it eventually; ditto Royal Pains and White Collar, although I've been more of a casual "brain in the off position" TV watcher this summer than an analytical one. I'd been planning to watch Warehouse 13, but S2E1 left a terrible taste in the back of my mind; I do adore a well done female villain, but I take a very real and very personal offense at the "angry feminist" trope.

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Tuesday, June 22nd, 2010 07:53 am
I've been sick for over a week now with some sort of chest rattling respiratory nonsense; I'm finally feeling better, though I'm still coughing up the residual junk left in my lungs. >_< I hate being sick.

So! I'm (re)taking elementary Arabic this summer- class meets three times a week for three to four hours a session, and it's been pretty awesome so far.

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Monday, March 22nd, 2010 10:09 am
I love it when I figure out what the thesis of my paper is...three hours before it's due. *eternal facepalm* (I wasn't writing about gender relations or the urban vs. agrarian divide! I was writing about class mobility.) The last half went much faster than the first.

This is not the worse paper writing experience of my sad and sordid paper writing career, however. That title goes to my English 220 research paper on Evelina, in which I flashbacked to eleventh grade and used the word "liminal" too much, got distracted by articles on gynosodomy in post-Rennaissance literature, got no sleep, and finished the paper just in time to run it all the way across campus to the department office, thirty seconds after my professor walked out of the building and towards her car with a stack of already-submitted papers in her arms. I chased her down in order to hand that thing in on time. 5 PM on a Friday in November, and I'd missed a chance to go to NYC to see Spamalot with the original cast. Afterwards I went to a D&D session, punched a wall hard enough to bruise my knuckles, and broke down crying uncontrollably for the first time in my life after someone made a joke about Narnia and one of the English professors.

It was a really funny joke, in context. I got an A on the paper. (My best paper writing experience was, hands down, my Literary Criticism final, senior year- I wrote it in less than twelve hours on half an hour of sleep, it was actually pretty good, and writing it was a joyous experience.)

So, really, this doesn't even rank in the top five for horrible paper experiences- but it was one of the most difficult to actually write. Part of that was probably due to not knowing what, precisely, I was writing about, and to my general apathy towards the book I read. More of it is probably to do with the way this class in general causes me a lot of general D: feelings.

Man. Now I really want to read about gynosodomy again- because really, who doesn't? But all I have is this book of articles on homoeroticism in ancient Arabian poetry, which isn't the same thing at all. *siiiigh*
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Monday, March 8th, 2010 07:52 pm
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In other news, the season finale of Burn Notice? )

Watching some Chuck right now (maybe if I watched less TV, I'd be more engaged with my homework *sigh*), and the show is still all sorts of problematic with regard to gender and geek stereotypes, and it tends to be unrelentingly depressing despite its incredibly goofy premise- but I do dearly love Casey and all the minor characters at the Buy-More. Also, apparently the show has decided to engage in the occasional random musical interlude- and there is never anything wrong with that. "This is the sound of liberation?"
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Thursday, January 21st, 2010 11:34 am
jaskdf;jlk hnnrgghgh my Arab Politics and Society class is taught by a poli-sci grad student- Indiana U, class of '07, which makes him my age- and that's kind of seriously weird for me, especially because he is every stereotype of a successful MUN student ever. This means he's a fantastic public speaker, though, so I'm going to tentatively file that in the "pro" column.

The main reason for the keyboard smashing, though, is the paper assignment for the class- take any work of Arabic literature in translation, and analyze it through a political and sociological lens. *faps* It was a happy keyboard smash. Once again, I'm going to have a lot of overlap in my classes- Gender and Sexuality is going to be covering a lot of the later material in this class. I am extraordinarily pleased with my classes so far. Just one big ^____^ face all the time, seriously.

And now I have to run to Persian, where it will be readily apparent that I did no studying over the break. *sigh* Oops.
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Monday, January 18th, 2010 12:26 pm
Because I have work on Wednesday, I cannot go to a taping of the Daily Show. I just feel the need to state this, because a tragedy of this proportion needs to be recorded. *sigh*

You know, I checked the posted academic calendar three times to make sure it actually said the semester started today. Because that just didn't make sense- today is a national holiday. Public libraries are closed, the post office is quiet and dark. And while I am accustomed to school being open on Veteran's Day, MLK Day is usually a day off. But the academic calendar said the semester began today, and I, poor fool, believed it.

Livingston campus is creepy when it's empty, y'all. But the bookstore was open, so I picked up my textbook for Arab Politics in Society. The books for Gender and Sexuality in Islam weren't there, and I apparently don't have any textbooks for Intro to Linguistic Theory, which means this is going to be a blessedly cheap semester.

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