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Friday, November 13th, 2009 10:51 am
Y'know what annoys me? The fact that schizophrenia is used in common culture as a synonym for MPD or DID, when they really aren't the same thing at all. So when I reach for an easy, if hyperbolic, adjective to describe the scattered feeling I have over straddling two primary identities online, all I come up with is "schizophrenic."

Anyway. I'm in the process of putting together an Etsy store, and I ran into a wall over the name- I already have an Etsy account under falxumbra, but I'm a little paranoid about family members and such deciding to plug my Etsy handle into google. Falxumbra is actually a thoroughly locked down identity- but it's not one I feel any particular affinity for anymore. I am happy to continue using it for LJ, but I feel the need to move away from it in other aspects of my life on the internet. I'm feeling much more at home in solaciolum- but all of my solaciolum accounts are public and full of potentially embarrassing things. (I don't need my family members knowing I take a practical and academic interest in gay erotica, for instance.) Of course, it may be too late to worry about that, since I've already sent people links to my flickr account. *le sigh*

My real name, thankfully, doesn't connect to any of my online accounts- non-existence is the next best thing to having a name like "Mike Myers" in terms of internet anonymity. I'm not really concerned with people who know me online connecting my various identities to me; it's the people who know me in real life but not online that worry me.

I think I've finally come up with a satisfactory name for my Etsy, account, though- once I get it set up (and take pictures of my jewelry that don't completely suck), I will be pimping it from here to twitter and everywhere in between.
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Thursday, November 12th, 2009 02:52 pm
(Quick, source the title quote! Okay, that's not entirely fair, because I can't actually remember which book it came from, and of the two possibilities, I'm pretty sure I no longer own either. I want to say The Number of the Beast, but it could have been The Cat Who Walks Through Walls. Both of which are due for a reread, actually; I haven't picked up any Heinlein in years.)

I...uh, I talk a lot, okay? Translation is apparently a touchy subject with me- who knew? )
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Monday, November 2nd, 2009 01:23 am
Holy crap, I'd forgotten how certain songs off of BNL's first album raise the hair on the back of my neck- "The Flag" and "Wrap Your Arms Around Me" in particular.

I need to start putting together a NaNoWriMo soundtrack. I also need to study for a quiz and write two papers and a short story and ahahaha oh god I'm going to die.

meanderings on Sufism and paper topics )
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Tuesday, September 15th, 2009 11:22 pm
Today in class the prof got to talking about the ways in which the Iranian/Persian warrior code resembled the Japanese concept of bushido- honor and loyalty were very strictly defined things, with heavy consequences for the betrayal of either. And there is historical evidence of (or at least strongly implying) interaction between Japan and pre-Islamic Persia or Classical Persia. (At the very least, it was well known that the Persian Empire had dealings with China, and China and Japan engaged pretty heavily in cultural exchange.)

The Shahnameh was written in the 11th century, but Esfandiyar's mother was a Byzantine Christian, and I find the idea of trying to date the heroic/historical sections of the Shahnahmeh dreadfully appealing.

I am, sadly, not very up to date on my Japanese history these days, and I do take the things this professor says about non-Middle Eastern cultures with a grain of salt. But it makes me feel like my desires to draw parallels between Sufi mysticism and Zen Buddhism might actually have ground to stand on. Not that it really matters if there was interaction between Japan and the Persian Empire- I still think the comparison would bear fruit, but I'd feel less guilty about wanting to make it.

...I am not allowed to give into the urge to use Assassin's Creed icons to talk about MES. That would be terrible. (But I may start dissecting the game and its portrayal of Arab characters and especially its use of Arab and Middle Eastern voice actors at some point because there are plenty of things to say there. (While I'm pleased to note that Alta'ir's VA is, actually, Middle Eastern, he still spoke with an American accent. He also kind of sucked in general, so I don't know if my irritation is over the Americanization of the character or the fact that the VA couldn't express any emotion other than "bored".)
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Monday, September 7th, 2009 02:55 pm
Perhaps I will start crossposting my movie and TV reactions from Wordpress to here; perhaps I will make an effort to become actively involved in...things.

Anyway. I find, now that I spend much of my time on Shakesville, Pandagon, and Slacktivist, I've been redefining what I look for in my entertainment. That's right, I've become a Humorless Feminist, one of those people who finds racial and gender stereotypes kind of offputting.

stuff I like! )
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Saturday, September 5th, 2009 03:27 pm
How irritating is it when someone does something douchey and they say, "Well, I'm sorry if you felt offended, I didn't mean to"? It is so irritating.

Just- no. No, a thousand times no. There is no "if" here. You did a thing. Because of this thing, a person or group of people was hurt and/or insulted. The correct way to apologize is to say, "I'm sorry for hurting/insulting you." Not "sorry-if" or "sorry-you-felt-whatever." No. None of that. You apologize for the hurt, and then you ask what you can do to make amends. If absolutely necessary, you can then qualify with an "It wasn't my intention/I didn't realize/I never meant to," but only if you honestly had no idea your actions would have the effects they did.

This goes for asshats conducting poorly worded surveys on the internet and people you deal with in every day life. *sigh*

Anyway. I managed to find out about Ogas' survey the day he put it up- it popped up on my bloglists and I read through all of the awesomely intelligent and scathing comments left by various fans. I spent an afternoon indulging myself in the wank and the intelligent discussion, and it was deeply inspiring to watch fandom unite against the asshaberdashery of outsiders. But then I got to the RPS commentfic on the original survey discussion post, and I hit the back button so hard it gave me whiplash. And I hadn't looked at any of the discussion stirred up by the survey since then until today. So, whatever I have to say about the RPF commentfic (which isn't even available anymore, since the survey journal has been deleted), has probably already been said.

I feel the need to mutter about it anyway. )