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Thursday, September 2nd, 2010 03:08 pm
Good lord, but I hate survey classes. "Let's cram the whole history of the Middle East into a single semester! You'll totally get something useful out of this." Tomorrow I get to see if I can sneak into Syntax; if not, I'll be taking Islam in the Media, and fuck having an elective this semester. *le sigh*

Arabic was better today; I'm sitting in one of the lounges, eating lunch, before Persian in ten minutes. The building I'm in was built in the 60s, back when there were race riots happening all over this area. What was originally an architectural attempt at building a riot-proof building (each wing has only a certain number of entrances, so that sections could be sealed off- and most sections don't connect to one another internally) has now become an experiment in psychological torture for the students trying to find their classrooms.

A portion of the psychology department is supposedly located somewhere in here- not the whole department, just a part of it. Somewhere. I'm pretty sure they just got lost when the rest of the department moved to a different campus. And my department is somewhere in this building- I've been to the offices before, I know I have. But if you asked me how to get there from where I am now, I could not tell you.