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Name:Time Traveler Extraordinaire
Birthdate:Oct 16
These days I'm mostly on tumblr and twitter; if you drop me a message I may give you access to one or the other, depending on who you are and how well we know each other.

My fanfic is here if you're into that kind of thing.

Interests (70):

amigurumi, anonymity, arabic, asexuality, assassins creed, baking, beads, body modification, bones, boogie-woogie zoot zoot, bookbinding, cosplay, crafting, crochet, crusades, demisexuals, dragon age, duke mushroom, dye, erotica, fandom, feminism, fetishizing typhoid mary, final fantasy, flight rising, geekery, generic deviancy, graphic novels, handbells, hitoshi sakimoto, inadequate emoticons, ivalice, jason mraz, jewelry, linguistics, magic verse nuns, manga, mashups, melanie rawn, meta, misinterpreting song lyrics, misusing mathematics, naginata, naomi novik, nickel creek, oc remix, one piece, palestine, pan-demisexuality, persian, pie, russian, scott lynch, scrabble as a contact sport, social justice clerics, social justice paladins, social justice rogues, song covers, spinning, spock's beard, suprise! garret dillahunt, tattoos, terminator: the sarah connor chronicles, terrence mann, the x-files, video games, villains by necessity, wire, yarn, your mom
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