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Friday, August 20th, 2010 07:24 pm
Hey, remember when I used to post here? ...or anywhere that wasn't Twitter? ...yeah. M-me neither.

I'm probably going to offer a pair or two of earrings for auction on [ profile] help_pakistan eventually, once I dig out a camera to photograph some of my newer stuff. I finally bought some silver wire, and it's been a bit nerve wracking to work with (expensive!) but good; it's very very different from the copper and bronze I've been using, and I like that. I also have some antiqued, dead soft bronze to play with. It'll be fun for more steampunky stuff, but I'm still fond of the color of my full hard industrial bronze, and I like the way it looks as it develops a natural tarnish.

I have a bag full of polymer clay that I still need to do something with; it's also nearly crocheting season again, and I've afghans to finish. I am not going to start putting together bootleg silkscreen apparatuses, no matter how much I want an AssCreed t-shirt. I'd never wear it, and I'd inevitably make a mess with the paint.

Been watching True Blood, and I'll probably have some thoughts to put together about it eventually; ditto Royal Pains and White Collar, although I've been more of a casual "brain in the off position" TV watcher this summer than an analytical one. I'd been planning to watch Warehouse 13, but S2E1 left a terrible taste in the back of my mind; I do adore a well done female villain, but I take a very real and very personal offense at the "angry feminist" trope.

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