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Monday, April 26th, 2010 11:26 pm
A series of points! (I promise to not get into the habit of posting like this.) (That may have been a lie.)

- Can Chuck continue to be lots of adorable tag-team spy shennanigans forever and ever? Because I think this is the show I've been waiting for throughout all of season three and most of season two, and it may very well have been worth the wait. I'm withholding judgment for now, but I am tentatively pleased.

- The disease of the week on House was Henoch–Schönlein purpura! I haven't actually watched the episode in question, but I'm amused; I had the happy luck to develop the disease when I was five, and my parents were convinced I had the plague. The doctor diagnosed me immediately- it's a rare condition, but the symptoms are actually pretty unmistakable- and geeked out over it. (It sucked- I couldn't walk and I couldn't keep food down- and mine only lasted a few months, but for some people, it can go on for years.)

- I still haven't watched any Doctor Who yet. I know I should, I just...haven't. *sadly hands in Geek Cred, slinks off in shame*

- There is a show on Food Network called The Private Chefs of Beverly Hills, and as much as I generally hate reality TV, I am addicted. *slinks even further into shame* Food porn! It is my kryptonite. of my kryptonites.

- Speaking of porn, I have been playing all the Assassin's Creed games I can eat lately- and my relationship with the games and fandom will never be anything other than complicated and kind of fucked up and guilty, but I am writing again. This is something of a big deal for me and so, complicated, fucked up, and guilty relationship or not, I will be sinking my teeth into it until I have picked its bones clean. This is a meaty motherfucker; I imagine I'll be chewing on it for quite some time.

- I am still reading Cyclonopedia, because I can't read more than ten pages of it at a time before my brain shuts down and I feel the need to sit in a corner and gibber. Which is to say that I am enjoying it immensely, even if I don't understand more than a third of it at any given moment. At some point I will do a more in depth reaction, with quotes. And possibly diagrams. :D

- I am trying to decide how to participate in Three Weeks for Dreamwidth; most of my content these days is already DW-exclusive, after all. Perhaps I will attempt to post fic, if I find myself writing something that isn't fated for the AC kinkmeme- and thus celebrate Dreamwidth and the loss of some of my word fears at the same time.

- Losing fear is good; I have so very much of it, but every little bit lost is a step forward.