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Saturday, November 13th, 2010 11:25 pm
My camera battery died yesterday, hence the lack of update. So, three things today: yesterday's necklace, and two pairs of earrings.

Midnight in the Forest
midnight in the forest

Moss agate and chips of topaz on copper wire. I've always been a little meh on moss agate, but I really like how these came out.

Cosmic Love
Cosmic Love

Orbicular jasper of unknown provenance and moss agate on silver wire. I couldn't look at those stones and not fall madly in love with them; I'm pleased to have finally made something with them. Wish I knew exactly what kind of jasper they are, though; lots of jaspers are location-dependent, so you can have a piece of orbicular jasper that looks like it might be ocean jasper, for instance, but ocean jasper only comes from Madagascar. Regardless, they're beautiful stones; I have another pair of them, but I haven't decided what to do with them yet.

November 12
November 12

Lampwork glass and copper wire, around 22.5 inches long, with a toggle clasp. Using up some of my old beads; I think these were originally intended for a cosplay endeavor, once upon a time. They're pretty and sparkly, if nothing else. I'm getting a little more comfortable with simple loops and beaded links, which is nice.