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Wednesday, February 9th, 2011 09:28 pm
I keep wanting to like Harry's Law- Kathy Bates! Shoes! Hilarious lawyer antics!- and I suppose I do enjoy it, because I really am something of a sucker for hilarious lawyer antics (moreso after having lived through a number of them when I was working for $LAWOFFICE). But. There are some sketchtastic race dynamics (older white woman lectures black man who was falsely accused of murder and imprisoned for 25 years on his bad attitude, an entire plotline revolving around those wacky Chinese people and their birth control policies, being black and poor totes gets you bonus sympathy points in front of a jury) and today's episode has some extra special condescending to victims of sexual assault. So, my feelings are mixed. It's a smart, funny show, and it has its awesome moments, but it leaves a bad taste in the back of my brain sometimes.

The new season of White Collar has been pretty frickin' sweet, though, so at least there's that.

I've started playing FFVIII again! This is because a nice, repetitive, level-grindy old-school-style RPG is about all my brain can handle when I am afflicted with the Dripping Misery and General Malaise. (After a week and a half of mildly flu-like awfulness, I am finally getting better. I haaaaaate being sick.)

FFVIII will never rank among my favorite games in the series, but it is good fun- I'd forgotten how much I enjoy twinking out my characters with the junction system. (Junctioning Death to status attack is one of my favorite things. It feels like cheating, but cheating feels so good.)

This playthrough, I'm giving all of the characters regional accents in my head- all the kids from Balamb talk like southern Californians (this is because Zell reminds me of my skateboarding cousin, and also because Squall becomes twice as ridiculous when he's being emo in southern Californian). The Galbadians are southerners- and maybe southwest would be more appropriate, given Irvine's cowboy shtick, but when Martine struts out of his fancy car to give the SeeDs their mission to assassinate Edea, I hear him talking like a genteel plantation owner. This also makes me starry eyed over everything Laguna says, which is a nice change of pace since I typically just want to stuff a sock in Laguna's face every time he speaks.

Trabian is Bostonian, or a similar variation on Generic New Englander- Selphie definitely pahks the Gahden in Hahvahd Yahd. Timber is, of course, Canada. I'm still on Disc 1, so I haven't picked out accents for FH or Esthar- Winhill is probably going to be Irish.

My current party is Squall, Zell, and Selphie, with Squall junctioning Shiva and Diablos, Zell junctioning Quetzacoatl and Ifrit, and Selphie with Siren and Brothers. I'll eventually replace Zell with Irvine, probably, because I find Irvine's limit break invaluable for dealing massive amounts of damage at higher levels. Quistis will probably languish unused, along with Rinoa- it's not that I dislike either character (although I still like Rinoa considerably less than everyone else; a holdover from my seething hatred of her in my youth), I just don't like their limit breaks- and that's honestly the biggest deciding factor in whether or not I'm going to use a character in this game.


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