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Wednesday, July 28th, 2010 12:19 pm
Fuuuuuuck this week.

Some stuff that's been in my brain lately- most of it came off my reading list over the past month or two, and I keep going back to it.

Serious things:

Wikipedia article on Limerance (obsessive romantic love) and How to Keep Someone With You Forever (defining the qualities of a Sick System).

Great, Now I Hate Everybody (Harriet Jones, on discovering activism and dealing with assholes); The Lost Airbender (Hal Duncan takes on the Avatar movie, and how "cultural appropriation" is an inadequate term for dealing with these issues; he gets a little heavy into theory and technical jargon, but god, I just want to eat his brain for its delicious thinky thoughts); Stop Telling People To Love Their Bodies (on body image and privilege; there's a lot of good discussion in the comments and I'm still parsing my thoughts; maybe more on this later).

Less serious:

MONACLE SMILE (the Old Spice Guy is on an Internet!); [community profile] firstpersonporn (there is nothing about this community that is not awesome). Aaaand Florence + The Machine - Rabbit Heart, because I've been listening to the whole album pretty much nonstop since I bought it, and this is one of my favorite tracks.

And, of course, in a general sort of way I am always reading Shakesville and Slacktivist for tasty political and anti-oppression and literary criticism tidbits, in addition to reading Fugitivus and Hal Duncan's blog on a semi regular basis.