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Tuesday, December 29th, 2009 01:48 pm
Yuletide recs! I'm still slowly working my way through the archive, but I've found a lot of things that make me happy. Am I still pissed that Yuletide doesn't accept Final Fantasy requests? Hell yes. Final Fantasy Tactics is the definition of an underappreciated fandom. But I'm not so pissed that I'm going to boycott the whole thing- especially not when some of the least likely fandoms got fic for them this year, and that makes me extraordinarily happy.

Grosse Point Blank: Complete Blank
"Martin is going to have a perfect wedding if it kills ... well, everyone but Debi. And Marcella and Bart."

Grosse Point Blank is one of those movies that feels a little like it was made for me- both Cusack siblings, Dan Aykroyd, hitmen, and ridiculously implausible explosions? Mmm, yes. The fic is excellent at capturing Martin's practicality and his neuroses, and it's just fun times all around.

Hot Fuzz: DIY For Beginners
"Danny is worried that the temptations of the big city will lure Nicholas back to London, but what can Sandford offer that will tempt him to stay?">

A sweet and hot get-together fic from Danny's POV. Tasty, tasty fluff.

Palimpsest: another city will be found (better than this)

Someone wrote Palimpsest fic about Hester and Lyudmilla, and it feels like the book, with the lushness of language and the starkness of human tragedy and if I could recommend this a thousand times over, I would, because it is just that fantastic. My biggest problem with the book was how lonely it was, at the end; this story fixes some of that loneliness, and sheds light on the city's uglier qualities.

Exiles: Patience, and Good Things
"Scenes from a fief, isolated in the Waste."

Exiles is a book trilogy by Melanie Rawn that has been two-thirds finished for the last ten years, and whenever anyone complains about George R.R. Martin (or when people complained about the last Harry Potter book taking too long, or Breaking Dawn), I feel no sympathy whatsoever; Rawn has forgotten how the story is supposed to end, so she'll never write the third book. The fic is a bit of happy loose-end tying about Cailet and Joss, and it makes me miss the book I'll never read even harder.

District 9: No Man's Land
Christopher returns early.

asdkjf;lskdf I rewatched District 9 the other day and it's still the combination of every nightmarish fear I have but it's also a fantastic movie. And I want this fic to be what the sequel is like, if a sequel gets made.

Breakfast Club: Most Likely To

Brian/Bender, twenty years later.

Ultima: Fellows and Fellowship

Yessssss Dupre-centric Ultima fic. Depressing, of course, because it's Dupre up through Serpent Isle, but man. My childhood craves this sort of exegesis, and I wish I weren't the only person I know who played Ultima 7 sometimes.

The Administration: Plausible

This reads like one of Manna's short stories, all sneakily plotty and good with Warrick and Toreth being awesome.

Shadow of the Templar: When Words Aren't Warm Enough

So, whenever I reread SotT, I always start craving Texas/Specs right around the middle of With a Bullet, because that's when Johnny reveals exactly how awesome he is. And hey, now someone has written some cuddly, porny, h/c-post-Double Down Johnny/Nate, so my life is complete. ...okay, almost complete, because I still want Daaaaaave fic, but it's a bit closer to complete than it was before.

And some non Yuletide fic: Four Minor Interludes for the Solo Violin (Part 1; the rest of the story can be found under the fiction tag). Sherlock Holmes book-verse, Holmes/Watson, written in such a way that reminds me why I always think "pastiche" sounds like a pastry- when it's well done, it's delicious.